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Look at some photos of bogus RS 2477 claims.

See a map of claims in Washington County, Utah, sent by the State of Utah to the Department of the Interior in June of 2000. Utah claimed every hiking trail in Zion National Park as an 'unimproved road' and claimed hiking trails inside designated wilderness as 'constructed highways' under the 1866 law.

Check out a “poster” with six examples of damaging RS 2477 claims.

View maps of 19 claims (on 18 maps) filed by the state of Utah under the disclaimer rule and memorandum of understanding.

Horse Valley-Baboon Peak     Kennedy Wash     McCook Ridge       Snake Pass     Southam Canyon     Vance Springs                              Weiss Highway East     Weiss Highway West                                          0182 Claim (Washington County)     Alexa Lane     Bald Hills              Bitter Creek     D28 and D30 Claim (Daggett County)                       Dowdell Canyon     East Hardesty     Five Mile Draw                         Forshea Springs     Hickory Peak-Harkley Mountain

View maps of another half-dozen claims.

Geothermal    Lyle LIttle Ranch    Pilot Mountain    Atchee Ridge  Bert Avery  Black Dragon/Hatt Ranch


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