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Act Now to Protect Your Lands!

You can help protect Americaís precious National Parks, Monuments and other wild places from Highway Robbery. Check this page frequently for updates on citizen action.

Stop the Public Lands Giveaway!

In January 2003, the Bush administration revived a 137-year-old loophole - known as RS 2477 - to allow special interests to convert old livestock trails, footpaths, even streambeds on our public lands into paved highways. Private interests could use this loophole to plow a spider web of roads through National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, Wilderness Areas and potential wildlands. This amounts to a massive giveaway of the special places Americans cherish. (Learn more about RS 2477 and the administrationís efforts to revive the loophole).

COLORADO LANDS AT RISK! Learn more about threats to National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and wilderness lands in Colorado and take action to protect them.

With its new Disclaimer Rule, the Interior Department is trying to make it easier for the Federal government to grant bogus RS 2477 claims.

Alert: In October 2006 New Mexico congressman Steve Pearce introduced a bill that would virtually give away public lands to counties and states.


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