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Threats in California:  Background

The California Wilderness Coalition is keeping track of the scores of claims in California’s desert, forest, mountains and coastline.  Learn more and view maps and photos.

In February 2003, California BLM published internal guidance on how they intend to address RS 2477 claims under the disclaimer rule. Read their guidance and additional agency memos (NOTE – these links may be down to court orders concerning lack of security of Interior Department websites).

Read a November 22, 2003 report from the California Wilderness Coalition about the 5,500+ miles of proposed RS 2477 highways threatening national treasures like Sequoia National Park, Mojave National Preserve, and California's "Lost Coast."

 The California Wilderness Coalition published a 2005 report of the ten most threatened wild areas in the state--many of them under pressure from RS 2477 claims. Read the coalition's report and an account from the San Diego Union Tribune  from March 29, 2005.

National Park Lands at Risk:  Mojave National Preserve and San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County, in the California desert, launches an aggressive campaign to claim rights to thousands of miles of trails and footpaths across federal lands. Click for details.

A Rare Desert Stream Under Attack in Death Valley National Park:  Surprise Canyon

A stream within Death Valley National Park comes under attack. Click for details.

More National Park Lands at Risk:  Death Valley National Park and Inyo County

Inyo County jumps into the fray as well, seeking rights-of-way in Death Valley. Click here for details.

Other Desert Lands at Risk

San Bernardino County is also pressing a claim to a route known as Camp Rock Road that cuts through habitat for the threatened desert tortoise.  An article in the Desert Dispatch on the November 24, 2003 reported the County's concern about their application to the California Bureau of Land Management for a right to take over the route.

Coastal Lands at Risk:

Off-road extremists at the Blue Ribbon Coalition are attempting to get 140 miles of claimed rights-of-way through the King Range National Conservation Area along California's "Lost Coast," and threatening to blaze motorized trails without the BLM's permission.  Read their November 6, 2003, letter.

A washed out passage in the Soda Mountains proposed wilderness area, claimed as an RS 2477 route


A washed out passage in the Soda Mountains proposed wilderness area, claimed as an RS 2477 route, which peters out in the distance. Photo by California Wilderness Coalition.

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