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Moffatt County's Extreme Proposal

Moffatt County's Plan to Turn Cattle Tracks into Highways

Pushing Oil and Mining Industry Access to Parks, Wildernesses, and Wildlife Refuges

  • Read a July 12, 2001, letter from Moffat County that makes clear the link between the County's anti-wilderness, pro-oil bias and its RS 2477 claims.

  • Read a January 2003 Steamboat Pilot article in which a Moffat County official admits that the county hopes to use RS 2477 to assist oil, gas, coal, and gravel mining on wilderness quality lands."

  • Read a July 28, 2003, Craig Daily Press article in which a Moffat County official is paraphrased as follows: But considering Moffat County's size as the second largest in the state and the county's dependence on GAS AND OIL REVENUE, the county should be proactive in keeping public roads open.

Conservationists Respond: Don't Pave Our Parks!

Moffat County (Mis)leads Other Counties

Moffat County successfully pressed other Colorado counties on August 1, 2003 to endorse a process for Colorado that could turn cowpaths and hiking trails into paved highways through national parks, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas across the State.

At least one Garfield County Commissioner thinks RS 2477 could be used to build a route abandoned 80 years ago to cut one of Colorado's largest wilderness areas -- the Flat Tops -- in half. See newspaper coverage of his claim, and a response from Rep. Mark Udall.

Political Leaders, Papers, Conservationists Fight Back

Photo of Yampa River Canyon, which Moffat County claims as a "constructed highway".

Yampa River Canyon: Moffat County claims the Yampa River canyon (above) for more than 20 miles as a 'constructed highway.' County data gathered to support the assertion claims that the right-of-way was "built by Indians" in the 1800s and that it was used in winter to feed cattle when users of this alleged route "drove on ice." Images (c) 2003, Colorado Environmental Coalition.



According to press reports, Moffat County has gone to Court to push for a right-of-way across PRIVATE land, something the county commissioners promised not to do when they passed a January 2003 resolution claiming 2,000 miles of routes. Read a January 11, 2005, article about the suit , and a report the following day in which the County Commissioners profess ignorance about the suit they brought.

Moffat County roads - already more than it can handle?

Press reports from 2006 indicate Moffat County is trying to pawn off maintenance of real county roads on the state.  Why?  Because it can't afford to maintain the real roads it already has a responsibility to maintain.  If it can't afford to maintain its major roads, why is the county pushing to control thousands more miles of rough trails as "highways"?  What will that do to the county's budget? Read an account in the Craig Daily Press.


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