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Read a July 31, 2003, Salt Lake Tribune article, the Deseret News also published an article, on August 1, 2003, in which city officials express concern over hiking trails becoming highways under RS 2477 could threaten the city's drinking water supply.

Read an August 9, 2003 Salt Lake Tribune editorial expressing concern about the secretive nature of Utah's right-of-way deals that could put highways through Salt Lake City's watershed.

The Forest Service and Salt Lake City want to limit access to the Cardiff Fork Road to protect water quality. Opponents may use RS 2477 to bulldoze those concerns. Read an October 29, 2003 Salt Lake Tribune article.

A county official has said that Salt Lake County will claim a road in a canyon important to Salt Lake City's water supply. Read a November 11, 2003 story from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Local conservationist calls for Utah to end its secretive practices on public roads in this Salt Lake Tribune opinion piece of November 16, 2003. The Salt Lake Weekly published a related article on December 11, 2003.

TAKE ACTION: Contact the Mayor of Salt Lake and ask her to protect wilderness and watersheds from bogus RS 2477 claims.

Facing increasing opposition from Salt Lake City and conservationists, Salt Lake County has abandoned (at least temporarily) controversial highway claims to trails inside a key city watershed. Read the December 31, 2003, Salt Lake Tribune article.  And a follow up Tribune article from January 7, 2004.


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